Sometimes, it is difficult for individuals to obtain home insurance because of certain risk factors. The first step is to request quotes from insurance companies until you find a company that will insure your property. If your property has been declined by several insurance carriers, the next step is to apply to your state's assigned risk plan.
The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan is available to provide insurance on properties considered uninsurable by most standard insurance companies. FAIR Plan policies may be more expensive than standard insurance policies and offer less coverage.
There are several reasons a property may be declined. Homes that are in areas considered high risk for hurricanes,windstorms, tornados, and hail may be declined because there is a greater than usual risk that the home will suffer serious weather-related damages.

You may also be declined if your home has old plumbing, an outdated electrical system, or an old heating system. These homes are considered a higher risk for fire and may not meet the underwriting criteria of standard insurance companies.
If your home is in poor condition or disrepair, it may also be declined by standard insurance company guidelines. Homes are not always declined because of poor condition or lack of necessary repairs – in some cases, a company will insure the property but will provide you with a time period in which repairs must be made.
The presence of pools and trampolines may also cause you to be declined for coverage, if they are not in a fenced area. Some companies will require these items to be fenced in with a gate having a latch or lock before the property is eligible to be insured.
Even certain pets may keep you from obtaining insurance. If you own a dog considered a vicious breed by your state, you may not be eligible for insurance with your state's FAIR Plan program. Some breeds considered vicious are pit bull terriers, Rottweillers, and Presa Canarios. Check with your agent to find out more about dog breeds that may prevent you from securing home coverage.

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