obtaining a home insurance quote
Searching for an affordable quote can be a long and detailed
process. If you do not have time to go through the phone book and
call all the major home insurance companies in your area, consider
going to an independent agent.
An independent agent can obtain quotes from multiple companies.
This saves you time because you have to give your information only
to one person, instead of multiple agents. An independent agent can
also save you time by quoting you with the same coverages with
each company. This saves you the time of comparing coverage
amounts, deductible amounts, and endorsements line by line. You
can find an independent agent by looking in the phone book.
You can also search online for an affordable home insurance quote.
You can find insurance-quoting Web sites by using an online search
engine or by asking friends and family if they have used any of these
sites. Many of these Web sites, such as www.homeownerswiz.com,
www.insurance. com, and www.netquote.com, offer multiple quotes
and require you to enter your personal information only once.

Some of these Web sites will send your information to agents in your
area who will contact you with quotes. This saves you the time of
having to call multiple agents, because the agents call you. Many
companies allow you to print out quotes and coverage details, so you
can look them over and compare them to quotes from other
There are many things to consider when selecting a quote. Although
the lowest quote you receive will often be the most attractive, you
should consider each quote carefully to make sure you are getting the
best coverage at the lowest premium for you and your family.
First, make sure the company providing the quote has obtained all
the necessary loss history reports and that the price is not going to
change because these reports have already been factored in. If loss
history reports are not considered at the time of the quote, you may
end up with a higher policy premium than you expected.
Second, it is important to understand that many companies also
factor credit scores and consumer reports into the quote; however,
some companies do not run this information at the time of the original
quote. Instead, agents can enter "good," "fair," or "poor," based on
your personal assessment of your credit score and payment history
when they run the quote. The agent should ask your permission to
obtain your credit report and credit score before accessing your credit
information from any of the three major credit-reporting agencies. If
the agent does not ask your permission to obtain your credit report at
the time of the quote, ask him or her if it will be obtained and if your

credit score and history will be a factor in determining your eligibility
for coverage or policy premiums.
Third, you should consider the replacement cost each quote is based
on. If there is a significant variance in the calculated reconstruction
cost on quotes from different companies, you may want to contact the
agent or insurance representative to ask how the calculated
reconstruction cost was determined and ask your agent why it is
higher or lower than on the other quotes you receive.
Fourth, when you are selecting the right quote for you and your
family, it is important to compare liability limits and deductibles
between the quotes. For example, let us suppose that Company A is
offering you a significantly lower premium rate than Company B. Let
us also suppose that Company A is quoting you at $300,000 liability,
$1,000 in medical payments, and a $1,000 deductible; Company B is
quoting $500,000 liability, $3,000 in medical payments, and a $500
deductible. These quotes do not offer an accurate comparison
because the liability limits and the deductibles are different. You can
eliminate this issue by determining the limits you want before you
start shopping for home insurance quotes and asking each agent you
call or visit to quote you at your specified limits and deductible
Fifth, compare endorsements and exclusions on each policy. Each
company has different guidelines regarding which endorsements are
offered and which exclusions apply to a home insurance policy. What
may be considered basic coverage for one company may offer you
more or less coverage than basic coverage from a competing
insurance company.

Most important, if you do not understand something, ask questions.
Any agent or insurance representative should be willing to explain the
coverages or answer any questions you have about the quote. If your
agent is unwilling to answer your questions before giving you a
premium quote or before submitting an application, there are many
other agents and companies you can choose to help you with your
home insurance needs. You do not have to receive lackluster service
or inadequate explanations to obtain a home insurance policy.

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