Losing Weight After 40 Simple Tricks To Help You Lose Those Pesky Pounds

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With all of the fad diets and other weight-loss tools being advertised, there are a variety of ways individuals can shed some extra pounds.


Although the excess weight seems to fly off through your younger years, as you approach 40—and beyond—things seem to be at a standstill when it comes to the scale.

There may be certain biological and lifestyle factors holding you back, but these simple tips will help you see results and rid yourself of inches way past 40!

These tricks will revolutionize how you view weight loss!

1. Kick Your Metabolism Into Gear

Your metabolism slows down by 1% each year as you enter your 30’s, so it’s no surprise that it has become harder to move down a pant size as quickly as you used to.

Increasing your protein intake can help you speed up your metabolism and build muscle, and the biting and chewing of protein-packed foods can burn around 30% of the calories you are consuming!

Start your morning with eggs or Greek yogurt to rev your metabolism as soon as you wake!

2. Get Checked For Possible Thyroid Issues

Your inability to lose excess weight may not be in your head.

Thyroid issues affect one out of every five individuals over the age of 40, and the most reoccurring problem is hypothyroidism, a condition that prevents the thyroid from doing its job at capacity.

If your thyroid is underactive, this directly affects your metabolism and will prevent you from losing weight.

Giving your doctor a call and having a thyroid test can eliminate this issue right off the bat!


3. Breakfast Is Your Metabolism’s Best Ally

Eating a healthy, protein-packed breakfast will keep your energy up all day and help you to get your metabolism working at its highest capacity.

Consuming breakfast on a daily basis is linked to staying fit and thin, so always make the time for your morning meal.The next tip will have you building a core defense against middle-age weight gain!

4. Make Resistance Training Part Of Your Routine

Your muscle mass begins depleting at age 40, which can make it difficult to lose unnecessary pounds.

The more muscle on your body the more calories you are able to burn, and incorporating some sort of weightlifting into your activity routine can do wonders for your weight.

Doing a set of squats or pushups can also help in building muscle mass, so make it a point to perform some sort of resistance training!


5. Keep Your Stress Levels Low For A Slimmer Waist

Cortisol—the hormone responsible for stress—is linked to excessive fat around your stomach.

Middle-aged individuals may feel a significant amount of stress, which can also affect the body’s ability to respond to insulin and thus affect blood sugar levels.

Cutting down on stress through yoga, meditation, or other means of relaxing can significantly impact your waistline and your overall health!

6. Try To Chow Down On Organic Choices

Once you reach the age of 40, you have been consuming toxins through your food for over four decades.

Shifting to a more organic-based diet means you can avoid harmful pesticides and hormones from food and help your body to heal.

An organic diet can help you combat obesity and feel great!

7. Stifle Your Sweet Tooth Successfully

Packing on the pounds gets easier as you age, so it’s vital to cut back on those daily treats.

You don’t have to deprive yourself—but there is a way to trick your brain into enjoying the smallest of sweet snacks.

Eat sweets slowly to successfully trigger the pleasure receptors in your brains, and wrap half of a treat up to save for a different occasion.

The following tip is vital to getting your dream body, in your middle-age and beyond!


8. Make Sleep A Real Priority

Missing on those precious Z’s may be messing with your weight-loss goals.

Individuals that do not get the much-needed hours of sleep are more likely to have a bigger appetite, and studies have proven that women that get five hours or less of sleep per night are more likely to add on pounds than those who got the necessary seven hours of time to snooze.

Cut down on screen time before bed and relax with a cup of tea to make a soothing bedtime routine!

9. Watch Your Wine Intake

A glass of wine is a refreshing way to enjoy a meal and unwind, but that bottle of Moscato comes with a high caloric price.

Wine contains around 120 calories for every five ounces, which can really add up once you have enjoyed a few glasses.

“Cut back to one 5 oz pour a day, or scale back your drinking overall by 25% and you’ll see a few pounds come off,” stated Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, and founder of Real Nutrition NYC.

10. Switch Up Your Usual Exercise Routine

As your metabolism slows down, there are ways to trick your body into burning extra calories.

Choose a different activity or increase the activity’s intensity to get the most out of each workout and speed up your metabolism.

The following slide reveals that some forms of light exercise reap unbelievable benefits!

11. Combat A Sedentary Lifestyle By Stretching It Out

“Most people have sedentary jobs and have tightness throughout their bodies, including hamstrings, hips, lower back — and even chest and neck from sitting at desks most of the day,” stated Seth Santoro, holistic health coach and founder of The Life Chef.

Yoga can combat these negative effects on the body by reducing your stress, increasing flexibility, and improving overall circulation.

12. Keep Your Hands Off The Thermostat

Although you may be tempted to turn up the heat once the winter months arrive, it may be best to stick to some sense of frugality—for your wallet and your waistline.

Not cranking up the heat when it’s cold can help your belly fat to shrink as you sleep, which can directly combat those pounds you’ve added to your waist over the years!


13. Stash Away Healthy Snacks

Between work and maintaining a personal life, it can be hard to not reach for fast food or other unhealthy alternatives while on the go.

A simple solution is to pack baggies of healthy, hearty snacks such as almonds or apple slices to provide a source of fiber and metabolism-boosting protein.

14. Give Swimming A Shot

If intense exercise feels too harsh on your muscles or joints, doing a few laps around the pool can do wonders for your body.

It is a low impact activity that protects the health of your heart and builds necessary endurance.

The next health tip is vital for staying active and off the couch!

15. Turn Off Your Television

Indulging in your favorite series may seem like the perfect way to end your day, but studies have shown that people who spend less time in front of the television tend to be slimmer.

Every two hours spent watching TV, the chance that an individual will develop heart disease or diabetes increases, in some cases by 20 percent.

Cut back on screen time and opt to do a light session of yoga or a quick walk around the block to unwind!

16. A Liver Detox Is In Order

If you noticed that once you turned 40 your gut has significantly grown, your liver may not be working as hard as it should.

It’s time to cut back on all added sugars.

Ditch your daily soda and limit how many cocktails you consume and you will see a dramatic difference in your waistline!

17. Keep The Romance Alive To Shed Pounds

Research has shown that regular sexual activity can help you keep your weight down.

One study has proven that the more sex you have the more restful sleep you experience, which is a double-whammy when it comes to successful weight loss!

Staying active in the bedroom has its definite perks.


18. Prep Your Bedroom For Successful Sleep

Investing in light-blocking curtains can do more for your health than you realize.

This simple change to your bedroom decor can help you fall asleep faster and aid in your weight-loss efforts.

The hormone melatonin is not as effective in putting you to sleep when sunlight is present, so these curtains can really play a role in improving your health!

19. Revise Your Cappuccino Order

Coffee may keep you going once you wake, but the most popular espresso beverages are packed with mounds of sugar.

Next time you are picking up a fresh cup, ask for cinnamon as a substitute for sugar.

Cinnamon can help your body burn fat and keep your blood sugar level in control. The following tip will have you sleeping sound!

20. Eat Dinner At An Earlier Hour

Although you may prefer eating dinner close to bedtime, it is a habit that can be causing you to gain excess weight.

Munching on a large meal before you go to bed leaves your body alert and digesting throughout the night, and this can cause you to have a poor night’s sleep.

You will be more likely to reach for unhealthy options the next morning if you are tired, so attempt to eat dinner earlier to combat your cravings!

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